How to Tether/How to Root - Guide to Tethering/Guide to Rooting: The LG Optimus Extreme (LGL40G/L40G)

I recently found myself in quite a sticky situation with no internet access (or the ability to set up traditional FIOS/cable access), two weeks to go before I could afford unlimited mobile, and while FoxFi would have proved to be a decent solution in an isolated environment, I couldn't seem to shake off hitchhikers who would make my data usage skyrocket, leaving me worried about losing my cell phone service for over-usage of my mobile data (and FoxFi's WPA2 password function didn't, well, function). Thus the only solution I found left was to root my LG Optimus Extreme (model# LGL40G/L40G) and utilize a wifi hotspot/wifi tethering app that was Android ICS 4.0.3 friendly and designed to take advantage of superuser mode. This actually turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it was going to be, partially due to obscurity, partially due to the information I needed being scattered to the four winds in bits and pieces here and there, and partially due to poorly written guides (sorry folks, thank you for pointing me in the right direction at least, but I did kill several hours on some pretty dumb things like hard resetting just because all the available guides got the process dead wrong).

So here is my complete how to/tutorial on all things wifi hotspotting/wifi tethering with the LG Optimus Extreme (LGL40G/L40G) with Android ICS 4.0.3, right down to rooting this phone if need be and getting wifi hotspotting/wifi tethering going with superuser access. I have taken as much care as possible to make all the steps easy to follow and accurate. Please make a backup of your data before embarking on this journey. Also note there are currently (to my knowledge) no ROMs available for the LG Optimus Extreme (LGL40G/L40G) as of yet, so rooting is purely for the purpose of gaining administrative access for the usage of superuser apps.


Lessons Learned From Life Recently

I have experienced so much in the past few months that many can only imagine experiencing and have learned so much from those experiences that I know others can gain wisdom from that I really feel I should commit some of it to writing in my blog.