When You Sacrifice Karma, It's Only Someone Else's Gain

I am so lucky that I have gotten to learn as much about my dad as I have over my life... that my mom never allowed her disillusionment with their marriage to taint her opinion/perception of him and that she was able to give me a clear picture of who he was... that growing up I heard things like "you remind me of your dad" and "that's just like your father". Through her, and later through my youngest brother, I have been able to construct a pretty accurate view (I hope) of who he was and what he stood for.


How To Get Amazon Prime Instant Video Working in Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail/Mint 15 Olivia Linux on Chrome/Chromium or Firefox

A major issue I have had since returning to the Linux distros such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint has been that my Amazon Prime Instant Video has ceased working by default with the Linux version of Adobe Flash. I was constantly being told that I needed to update my Adobe Flash Player by Amazon Prime Instant every time I tried to play a video.