Through the Eyes of a "Mulatto"

Racism is a funny thing in America.

In the 20th century, there was a law emerging in America known as the one drop law. It stated that if you had even one drop of Negro inherited blood in you, that meant you were ALL Negro. This law continued to be perpetuated until somewhere around 2000, which was when the U.S. Census finally officially recognized mixed race people by allowing them to select more than one race. Despite that change, the Census continues to count any mixed race people as the most major minority in their heritage once the polls are in. They argue this is for the sake of making counting easier... but they have been looking at changing this in recent years since this allowed them to be completely unaware of the explosion of mixed race people in America that has been happening (which are now the fastest growing minority).


The Definitive Guide To Quitting Smoking by Vaping With E-Cigarettes/Advanced Personal Vaporizers - Part 1, Definitions and Choosing a Vaporizing Device

About two years ago I purchased my first e-cigarette: a Totally Wicked Titan Tank. Since then I have totally fallen in love with vaping, so when I found out that I was at high risk of developing COPD, it was no surprise that I brought up the e-cigarette subject to my doctor, especially since I had already tried everything on the market designed to help smokers quit with little to no success and had figured out by that time my biggest issue wasn't so much the physical nicotine dependence as much as it was the psychological dependence on the act of smoking itself. Surprisingly, my doctor was extremely supportive of me switching to e-cigarettes, and agreed with my reasoning that even if I couldn't quit e-cigarettes would still be a much healthier alternative to smoking. I have noticed that there seems to be a serious lack of comprehensive, generic beginner's guides to vaping on the internet... the information is all there, but it's scattered all over e-cigarette forums and there doesn't seem to be any catch-all style guides. So here is a definitive guide on how to get started with quitting smoking cigarettes by vaping with e-cigarettes/advanced personal vaporizers. Good luck - and here's to your good health, too! :)