ZyXEL NSA310 Diskless System 1-Bay Media Server Screenshot Tour

At just under $100, the Zyxel NSA310 1 Bay Media Server is a very affordable way to upgrade your home network if you happen to have a spare hard drive laying around that you can make use of for storage. It sports a host of advanced features that ought to satisfy any home storage junkie in an easy to use and access web based control panel. Let's see what else this thrifty little device has to offer...


The HP Pavilion DV6-7010US: A Good, Solid Performer

Hardware issues with my Toshiba Satellite L755D-S5204 from it being dropped have spurred me to purchase a new laptop. I have found the perfect replacement in the HP Pavilion DV6-7010US. From its tough design to its Beats audio, the HP DV6-7010US turns out to be a solid performer. What follows is my review of this surprisingly cheap ($550-$649) laptop. 


Netrunner 4.2: It's an Everything but the Kitchen Sink Kind of Distro (Review)

Netrunner 4.2 has turned out to be the kind of distro I love and hate at the same time. While syncronization with services such as Google and Facebook is a welcome addition to KDE, I can't stand the fact that Netrunner chooses to include almost every piece of imaginable software. This makes it confusing for me; I can only imagine how confusing it would prove to be to a new Linux user, which this distro seems to be aimed at.


How to Install VMware Player on Linux Mint Maya 13

By default, the virtual ethernet service in VMware Player 4.0.4 will fail when you try to start it. Fortunately there is an old patch that will fix this issue. I've updated the patch so it is compatible with VMware Player version 4.0.4. You can download it here.


A Beginner's Guide to Linux Mint 13 Maya

In this article I will discuss everything you need to get started with Linux Mint 13 Maya. This is going to be a really long article so kick back and relax while you read it. This article assumes the user has installed Linux Mint 13 Maya on their system and has a basic knowledge of how to set up an internet connection. 


Synchronization with Google on KDE is a MESS!

I have spent the past two days trying to get synchronization going between Akonadi on KDE and my Google calendar and contacts. I give up. Why hasn't KDE implemented synchronization with Google? I thought for sure they would have done it by now considering Gnome has it. All I really want to do is synchronize my Google calendar with the desktop calendar and synchronize my Google contacts with Kmail. Is that too much to ask?


The HTC One X: A Smartphone for Camera Lovers

I just got a new HTC One X, and I am absolutely in love with this phone. It's jam packed full of great features for taking photos and video, and it's got plenty of space to store all those photos and videos. This powerful phone is also great for gaming and apps. This is my review of the HTC One X.