You Don't Lose When You Lose Fake Facebook Friends

When you were down they were never there
When you're all alone you really get to learn
If you get back up they gonna come around
All the sycophants they love to make romance
To the ugly sound of 'em tellin' you what you
Wanna hear an' you pretend


Fun & Dangles

Lately I've been trying my hand at making earrings. Here are some of the earrings I've made:


I'm done with blogging about Linux

I'm done blogging about Linux for now, in fact, I'm done with computer work (for now). I want to focus harder on earning my degree and making jewelry. So this is going to become a personal blog of sorts, and I apologize to those who have became fans of my Linux blogging. Hopefully you'll stick around to find out I'm not that bad of a blogger all around. I'll probably throw a Linux article in here and there but it won't be nearly as much as it has been.