My Views on Blogging Within The Linux Community

Within the Linux community, as a blogger you have to be tough. Because you're going to get flames and from the comments I've read you're going to have tons of them.


What to Do When Your Android Phone Won't Sync With Banshee

Today I ran in to the problem of getting my Android phone to sync with Banshee in Fedora 15. No matter what I did, my Android phone wouldn't show in Banshee's devices list. I fixed it (yay!) and now here's some tips on what to do if your Android phone won't sync with Banshee.


How to Sync Evolution With Your Cell Phone in Fedora 15

Syncing Evolution with your cell phone is really easy to do in Fedora 15. Here's the steps on how to sync your cell phone with Evolution:


And now things come to a conclusion...

Wow, I have received a lot of really positive comments recently. I have re-thought things and I'm going to just start moderating comments and deleting the abusive ones. I apologize to the rest of you that you have to wait to see your comment appear, but I feel the pros of this outweigh the cons. It means better reading quality for the comments which affects not only me but you the reader as well.



Today has been a rough day with some rough decisions to make. I find my world view is changing. Please stay tuned while I make some adjustments. :)


It's My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To: Part II

The cruel measures some people will stoop to in order to try to make someone feel bad about themselves will never stop amazing me.


It's My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To

I pay $7.95 a month for hosting a blog because I enjoy writing. I don't profess to be a professional of any sort, much less a technical writer. I enjoy writing though so I take the time out from my busy/hectic work/school/home schedule to write about the new things I learn about Linux. Why Linux? Because it's the operating system I've been using on my desktop for the past 6 years. I don't always get everything right (after all, I AM NOT A TECHNICAL WRITER), but I like to think that I at least help some people ease the transition between Linux and Windows. I don't write for system administrators but for the common public. With this in mind, I try to make things as easy as possible to understand. That may mean skipping over some technical details, but that's ok. The new user doesn't need to become a system administrator to run Linux on their desktop.


I have found during my writing experience though that a LOT of the Linux community is very rude and whiny. System administrators read my posts and critique them as if they were school assignments, usually with little respect shown towards the time and research it took to write them.


We Need Your Help

I don't ask for much, but I'm asking for your help now.


I am $200 short on rent for this month. If I don't have it by the 25th my family and I will be evicted (that includes a three year old son). We don't have any options on places to go... there's a homeless shelter but it's extremely unsafe and unsanitary for a three year old. Losing my home could also result in the Department of Children and Families taking my son away due to my inability to provide a home for him. This would prove to be very traumatizing to him as he is very happy with his family as it is now, as you can see in the featured image for this post.


How to Become Sudoer (Administrator) in Fedora 15

While Fedora 15 makes it easy to make one's self a sudoer (administrator) by checking off a box during the installation process, sometimes this opportunity may be missed or forgotten about. I found myself in this funny position today when I realized during an attempt to use sudo that I hadn't checked off the administrator box for my Fedora 15 re-installation. Never to fear, though – it's quite easy to add yourself as a sudoer (administrator) via the Terminal.


Chakra GNU/Linux: A Review With Screenshots

According to Distrowatch, Chakra GNU/Linux is a Live CD distribution aimed at ease of use and originally forked from Arch Linux. Some of its features include a graphical installer, automatic hardware detection and configuration, the latest KDE desktop, and a variety of tools and "extras".


Fedora 15 Configuration Series: Gnome Tweak Tool

The following article is part of a series I'm writing on the various configuration tools available in Fedora 15. Look at the bottom of this article for links to the rest of the series. 


Gnome Tweak Tool is perhaps the most vital configuration utility you can find available for Fedora 15. With Gnome 3 Shell's lack of configuration utilities, Gnome Tweak Tool strives to fill in the gaps by providing users with some much missed configuration options that were available in Gnome 2.6.


"Illuminated" Chapter 1 - In The Garden

The following is an excerpt from a book I am writing called "Illuminated". I am publishing the first chapter here to get opinions. Please feel free to comment on this!

Chapter 1

In The Garden

Vanessa knew as soon as she stepped on the warm, green grass that this would be a trip she would never forget. Lush greenery surrounded her, blanketing her in its sweet, fragrant embrace. The Light beamed down from somewhere beyond the trees as birds chirped away cheerily, completely unaware of the drama that was beginning to unfold before them. Even though it was a place that only existed in her mind, Vanessa was a stranger in this land. She knew nothing of it.


Install Global Menu in Fedora 15

The following file is a script for installing Global Menu in Fedora 15. Please run the script as root or administrator only. To run, open up Terminal in your download folder and issue the following command:



FINALLY! Get A Global Menu In GNOME Shell

Fedora 15 and Gnome Shell users everywhere now have access to global menus, a feature that was first seen in Ubuntu. With this nifty application the majority of your application's menus will be easily accessible via the top panel. A big thanks goes out to Andrew for providing instructions to get it working in Fedora 15.


Bodhi Linux: A Closer Look

A while back I did a review on Bodhi Linux. There were some implications that I didn't take a close enough look at the operating system, and I have to agree. So here's a follow up to the original review on Bodhi Linux.


After reviewing Bodhi Linux I had some time to really play around with the system. Preferring a minimal environment, I decided to check out what the minimal installation theme had to offer. One thing is for sure, when Bodhi thinks you want minimal it takes you seriously. I found myself looking at a clock. That was the only gadget on the desktop... there wasn't even a task bar. Now if this sounds like I'm complaining let me set you straight: I asked for minimal and I expected no less, so seeing this was quite a pleasant surprise. It means that if needed I can build my desktop from the ground up.


Maximize Screen Real Estate in Fedora 15 ***UPDATE***

Remember that little script I wrote that was intended to maximize screen real estate in Fedora 15?


It's been improved. This version, like the backup and restore script, has a menu.


Please note that in this version you must be logged in as administrator or root to use the script.


New Software/Repository Backup & Restore Scripts

I've updated the scripts for backing up and restoring installed software and repositories. They now have convenient multiple choice menus.