A Complete Review of Bodhi Linux With Screenshots

Bodhi Linux was recommended to me as a possible solution to try after I mentioned having system resource issues with Ubuntu One. I have to admit I've been rather curious about Bodhi as I have read several rave reviews on it.


Fedora 15 Configuration Series: A Review Of EasyLife

This is the second article in a series I’m writing about the different configuration tools available in Fedora 15. To read the first article in this series, click here.


EasyLife is another Fedora 15 configuration tool that reminds me a lot of Automatix/Ultamatix on Ubuntu. EasyLife is a configuration tool that has the express purpose of making certain software installations easier for new users.


A Brief History of My Life on Linux: Part II

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Ubuntu has both thrilled and annoyed me."]Official Ubuntu circle with wordmark. Replace ...[/caption]

This is the second story in a short series about my experiences with Linux. You can read the first article in the series by clicking here.


For the time being, I was quite happy on Mandrake and even upgraded to a more recent version of Mandriva. After a while though (approximately 6 months) I started getting curious about other distributions, especially when other Linux users talked about how one needed to find the "right" distribution for themselves. I wondered if Mandriva was really the "right" distribution for me or if I just liked it because it was the first distribution I had experienced.