>those feet are moving!


These past few days have been absolutely icky. But they’ve also had their major bright spots. :)

I must say right now that I really love my family. They stand behind me, and they’re my best friends. That’s just how it is with us; nothing more, nothing less.

Brennan has finally started walking! I’m so excited. Now the real fun begins. :D




I’m sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. Life has been quite busy since the arrival of my mother in law. There seems to be no end to the bickering between her and David, the manipulative and cruel stunts she plays on us, or the things one must do in order to please her. Enough of that, though – there will be more on that later once I have my thoughts on the situation better organized.

Today was the day of the Healthy Families group visit where we made Easter baskets out of empty milk jugs. I think I did pretty well. :)

easter basket 2007-01-06 001

After that it was off to The Bookworm, a simply awesome little used book store that’s been around for as long as I can remember. This store is everything you would expect out of a used book store – shelves piled up to the ceiling in books, an old man with a serious passion for reading, signs with cute little sayings posted everywhere. It was there that we found an old lottery ticket stuck in one of the books… I’m guessing it’s from around the early 90’s.

2007-01-06 001

We’re going to find out if we got lucky. ;)

School continues to go well. I’m only taking one class this block – business communication for the IT professional. It’s mostly a bunch of technical writing.

Brennan is working on cutting more teeth (he’s at six now). He isn’t quite walking yet but he’s trying and that’s all I ask for. Right now I’m working on making frog patterned diapers for him.

diaper 2007-01-06 001

That’s pretty much been everything that’s been going on. Exciting, isn’t it? :P


>we are family


It's about a year now since David and I married and it's been about two years since we first got together. It still continues to amaze me how well we get along with each other. Our days are peaceful; filled with affection, respect, and trust. That's not to say we don't bump heads every once in a while (we are human after all) but it's never as furious or as long lasting as the fights I've had with other people.

A year ago when I said "I do" I was afraid. I was afraid that things would change between us for the worst. I was afraid that David would become any number of things: controlling, manipulative, unfaithful, abusive, cold. I was afraid that I would drive him to become these things. Past experience had taught me that either all men were like this or I drove them to be this way. I went ahead and took the chance though; partially because I loved him and partially because I realized that in order to be happy in life you have to take those kind of chances. It's one chance I'm glad I took. My fears have turned out to be unfounded. This past year the only way in which things have changed between us has been for the better. Our relationship has become stronger than I ever imagined a relationship could be. I am happier than I ever imagined I would be.

We have a family; not just any family but the kind of family people sit up and take notice of. There isn't a week that passes by without at least one stranger commenting on how happy and/or calm we seem to be together. I am proud of where we stand today.


>two paths


Lately I've been wondering where exactly it is that I stand in the big scheme of things. It's hard to keep to your morals when you look around to find that no one else seems to have any morals at all. I must admit I have been tempted to throw them all away and act like the rest of the masses. I must admit that I have been questioning God's existence and purpose. At the end of the day though I guess it doesn't really matter. All that matters is where I stand and how well I hold up my position.

I will continue to take the high, moral ground. Not because I believe in God, or because I believe this is what God wants, but because it is what I want. It really comes down to treating others as you want to be treated, even if they don't return the favor. Without doing that, you don't even have a chance at being treated the way you want to be treated.


>this one's for you


I heard you're losing your mind, shit, I been lost mine
But I still stay focused through good and bad times
Compare your worst fuckin' day to my best fuckin' night
I bet my last red cent that you couldn't stand the sight
From loss of loved ones to life of drug funds
They counted me out, from what? I'm not done
Give me a chance to shine and I'ma blind the world
Take a stand and be the voice of those who cannot be heard

DJ DJ - Transplants


>I don't care about Obama's mama


Ok...here's the deal, my boyfriend keeps telling me that he loves me, but whenever I want to go see my friends he blows up and starts hitting and kicking me. How can I make it stop? I've already tried leaving him, but he almost killed me then.

My Yearbook

When I first saw this post the very first thing that ran through my mind was, "Oh my god, it's George's girlfriend Melissa! Oh my god..." I stopped myself short on that, realizing of course that could be anyone. But it also made me reflect for a moment on exactly why the first thing that ran through my head was that Melissa had wrote that.

In other news, Morgan Freeman finds out where in the world Osama Bin Laden is at... and doesn't go in. Smart man.

I also have a wet dog shaking all his water off on me. :(