Customer Service: Microsoft Customer Service Calls Back 10 Years Later
On 1/8/08, 10 years after he placed a call to Microsoft tech support, they called Brian back to see if his problem had been resolved.



>I came across this neat little site today... it's a collection of videos showing you how to do a bunch of simple tricks to wow your friends... or to just occupy yourself when you're bored....

Bad Kung Fu tricks



>Nesting spasms. At 7 in the morning. When I have to be getting ready for an OB appt.

Someone please shoot me now. No, wait... wait until Brennan is out to do it. :P



>The flu is *NOT* fun while pregnant. Not like it's fun otherwise but it really sucks when you have a little one and a panicking boyfriend in on the ride with you. :( I was so scared Brennan would get boiled alive or my chills would bring on too many contractions and poor David was hardly getting any sleep and I felt so bad that I was being such a drain on him.

We're all better now, though... I've even got most of my back pain cleared up. :)


>back pain…

>I've been dealing with horrible back pain + abdominal pain during the day if I stand up for any length of time... I thought it might just be Brennan sitting on my bladder (that's what it felt like) but yesterday I discovered that putting on a pair of maternity yoga pants with a built in pregnancy support band made all the pain go away. So it looks like I'm going to have to look in to getting a pregnancy support belt. That's not all, though...

My bed has turned into a torture chamber as of last night. I tossed and turned and tried wrangling my pregnancy pillow in to every conformation I could think of but none of it worked, the bed insisted on killing my entire back. I wanted so badly to lay on my back but of course I couldn't. By the time morning came around I was sobbing because it hurt so bad. That was the first time in my life that back pain has got me to the point of literally sobbing - that didn't even happen when I hurt my back as a kid. Gahh... :(

I don't know what I'm going to do. I'm probably going to end up sleeping in the recliner, which has its own problems but none of them nearly as bad as what I experienced last night.



>dear lord I have never had hair this beautiful…

>I found a secret... Ok, so maybe not so much a secret. I just finally showed some common sense with my hair and bothered to put my home brew knowledge to work.

Today I was sore, tired, and completely exhausted. I couldn't relax because I was so sore, so I decided to try some pampering and made a special home brew body scrub designed to not only exfoliate but also purify and refresh my skin. I rubbed that all over, then got to thinking how good it would be for my hair and scalp as well, and worked it through my wet hair. Then it all got rinsed out, and I started thinking it would be a good idea to do a deep conditioning treatment... might as well make a home brew there as well. I headed for the kitchen, and stopped at the olive oil. I remembered how Mediterranean people traditionally used it for all their conditioning and cleansing needs, and how beautiful it supposedly made their skin and hair, and decided to try it out as an oil treatment (not hot oil, which I believe weakens your hair too much to make the benefit worth the cost, at least when you have baby fine hair to begin with). I worked some through my hair and massaged it in to my scalp and then left it in for several hours. Next I shampooed it out... and WOW. My hair has never been this healthy, considering everything that I have ever used on it. There is no need for leave in product at all. It's shiny, it's defined, it's bouncy, it's completely frizz-free. The kind of hair you see in commercials but never seem able to achieve yourself. And it feels so soft and silky and... ughhhhh. I love it. I can't stop touching it, lol. I've already decided this little strip and shine is going to start getting repeated once a week. I'm working on figuring out a way to completely replace my conditioner with olive oil.

Wow, wow, and double wow.



>And I am so completely beyond words right now and confused as to how to get out the amazing amount of emotion I'm feeling. I've sat and chewed on it all night and now, at 7:13 a.m. in the morning, it has finally hit me. I am so in love...

Hello down there, little Brennan Christopher. :)



>I'm feeling big now. Really big. And I think the baby is going through a growth spurt because I've had more issues with skin stretching than usual... the other night I had to actually take a Tylenol because it was getting to me so badly I couldn't sleep, and I'm already lotioning up as much as my skin will take (I'm hoping like crazy that this doesn't mean stretch marks! :P). That doesn't suck nearly as bad though as the fact I feel like I can't breath and I don't want to get up most of the time because I feel so heavy and I get tired so easily. Today I went for my walk and I had to really push myself through it because it wore me out. I'm thinking about doing some form of strength training... the walking takes care of cardio but I think one of my biggest problems right now (and the reason why I'm tiring out so quickly) is supporting the extra weight. Stretching wouldn't hurt either, I don't think. Now if only I can pull my butt off the couch to do it... lol.

I have found out also that pregnancy not only can change your hair texture but your hair type, as well. My hair has went from curly to wavy, and after speaking to some other pregnant women I found out their hair has gotten more relaxed as well, so I can only assume it's normal as I am unable to find any mention of it online. I'm guessing that it's probably either due to the increased moisture and oil content in my hair or my body is holding back on providing my hair the same amount of protein that it normally does (which is what makes hair curly).

Now for something awesome I found. There's actually pregnancy safe body jewelry out there that is perfect for preventing migration of your piercing(s) due to changes in your skin. It's made out of a flexible plastic material called Bioplast, and BodyCandy has a very nice selection to choose from, along with free shipping. I picked up a bannanabell as the changes in my belly button was causing my belly button piercing to migrate, and so far haven't had any issues with it since. :)

The baby is now kicking hard enough that you can feel it outside my clothes, and even sometimes see it. He/she also finally kicked quite a bit for David the other night with his bare hand on my stomach (up until last night we haven't been able to get the baby to kick for him under those circumstances).

That's pretty much all I have to say for now. :)



>Someone changed my password and email on my Digg account. Gee, I wonder who that could be? What's funny is this person went through the effort of locking me out of an account that I am just now trying to access - which really shows you how much I cared about it in the first place. :P

Hint: locking me out of all the accounts I never use isn't going to do jack. It takes all of like, 10 secs to create a new one. Boo hoo. Why don't you spend your energy on something a bit more productive?