>Of Vista, Ubuntu, and Love

>Has anyone else noticed CompUSA's odd love affair with Vista? One of the employees said that they got a big handbook on Vista that they had to read and learn, then proceeded to try turning us over to the dark side. WTF? This wasn't a cashier, either - this was someone in the repair department that really should've known better... although some other events led me to wonder about the knowledge level of those in the repair department.

I've also went back to Ubuntu (again). I really don't know what's up with my facination over this distro considering it drives me nuts. I do think that part of the reason I'm facinated with it though is that it *does* drive me nuts. I love Mepis, but it seriously gets boring because well, everything just works. Meanwhile, there are tons of quirks, unsatisfied desires, and rough edges in Ubuntu to keep me occupied. I would probably go Gentoo if the whole days long compilation process wasn't enough to make me climb walls.

And I'm in love. :) With a guy and not an electronic device as well, lol. He's a gamer, a geek (I originally said here "a nerd with geek tendencies" but he insists on being called a geek so I changed it :) ), and probably the most wonderful guy on this planet. I honestly didn't know that relationships like this could exist. There's no sweet/smooth talk, no games, no half-truths or twisted realities, just complete honesty and openess. No attempts to change anyone, no grudges, no superficiality, no paranoid fear of being percieved as "wrong" or "bad", no control/power issues. We don't always understand eachother, and that can sometimes lead to some pretty dumb disagreements, but oddly enough we both realize and accept that. They soon get forgotten and dropped for cuddling, lol.

I think the most amazing thing about it though is how much of "ourselves" we can be with eachother. I can completely be myself and he can completely be himself. I don't think a guy has ever seen me so clearly, nor do I think a guy has ever let me see him so clearly.

I love you, Mike. ;)



>Basically, my (now ex) boyfriend and I broke up, and since this site was hosted on his server, you can guess what happened next. The past week has been searching for a new suitable host and modifying the old database's backup to work properly with the new one whenever I had the spare time to do it.

Updates to this site are likely to be sporatic for a while, for obvious reasons.


>It’s back :)

>After a *lot* of trouble that started with my hosting, this site is finally back up (as you can see ;) ). It took a lot of sweat, so I'm taking out this post to give myself a *huge* pat on the back for all my effort. :P

I will give you details later. Right now, though, I'm too tired. :(



>Have you ever known what it's like to have your entire life changed in a single night?


I've found out what that feels like once again.


>Update on my beautiful little scammer…

>I managed to match up his comment's originating IP with his email's originating IP range (they weren't the same but were both under the same provider), which gave me a good hint that it was really his IP and not a proxy. BTW, his service provider is located in Iran... not Spain, quite far from Spain, actually. The email headers also appeared to be clean. So... I reported him to both his ISP and his email provider as a potential scammer. I'm not sure if they'll actually do anything about it, but hopefully they will and this guy will wake up to a non-existent email account and internet service tomorrow (I know it's more likely he'll just get a warning sent to him, but hey, a girl can dream, can't she? ;)).


>Oh, you beautiful little scammer, you

>I received this little morsel tonight in the comments section on my site:
Author : Bardia Kahrom (IP: , cache4.neda.net.ir)
E-mail : bardia-kahrom@usa.com
URI : http://Ihavenotwebsite
Whois : http://ws.arin.net/cgi-bin/whois.pl?queryinput=
Hi Dear Jonquil
My name is bardia Kahrom I born in Spain and living there now I have private area in Canary island ,you can see below URL address for more information about Canary Island
, I see your picture in below URL address : http://my.opera.com/vixenk/picture.pl
I mean you are very cute and very very sexy girl and I hope you are single , are you so?
If your answer is yes I wish married with you , of course ,if you assent.
maybe you mean I am a Clown because this is Farcicalest kind Apply for Betrothal but maybe interesting to you know I am rich man and I watch movies in my home ( home cinema ) and I listen to anything and everything pretty much Music and my Favorite author is George Orwell . I mean Animal Farm is exquisite and with this book her name would everlasting .
If you are like know about me more please send me e-mail to :
and give me more information about you please your mail include your sexy picture . sexy picture is not nude picture it is with underwear .
If I do accede , I hope use up your boon .
you must excuse me because I can not good talk English .
after reply to my e-mail ,I send to you my picture , I am personable man .

Best regrad's
Bardia Kharom

I assure you, laughter immediately ensued.

You see, girls and boys, this is a classic example of an odd specimen that is most frequently referred to as a love scammer. Note that this guy mentions two things straight off: money, and marriage. He also demonstrates that he's read a little of my profile as I mentioned one of my favorite authors to be George Orwell, and he's trying to make it seem like we have common interests. Oddly enough though, he doesn't even know George Orwell is a man. I'm supposed to be hooked by this, email him immediately, be further seduced, and then start sending money off to him for various things so we can be together. I later received another comment soon afterwards from him asking why I hadn't emailed him yet. Scammers don't have much time to spend, you see. Time = money, and these guys/girls are trying to get to your money as quickly as possible.

Another possible thing is that this guy is just looking for a quick way to a green card. Or just some pics. Who knows.

In short, don't fall for this crap. Everyday men and women don't just see your picture, fall in love, and want to marry you, no matter how ugly/gorgeous you may think you are. This isn't a fairy tale. This is real life.

Other than to say that, I pretty much just posted this so you may laugh with me.

Because after all, "sexy picture is not nude picture it is with underwear". :lol:

***UPDATE*** He's just sent the same, exact message to my email address. :lol: God, this is so funny...